*Reduces tension headaches*Reduces mental stress.*Improves concentration*Promotes restful sleep.*Increases blood circulation.
Body Massage
Body massage30 Mins60 Mins90 Mins120 Mins
Swedish Massage$40$65$100$125
Hot Stone Massage$45$75$115$145
Thai Massage $75$115 
Foot Reflexology $45  
Combo (Feet & Body) $55  
Extra: Oil aroma $10  


Full face $45 (up)
Eyebrows $12
Lip $6
Chin $12 (up)
Sideburns $20 (up)
Under Arms $20 (up)
Chest $40 (up)
Half Arms $35 (up)
Full Arms $55 (up)
Bikini $55 (up)
Half Back $40 (up)
Full Back $60 (up)
Half Legs $45 (up)
Full Legs $65 (up)
Brazilian $65 (up)
Eyebrows Wax Dry or Tint $40


Curl Lashes $65 (up)
Curl Lashes and Tint $75 (up)
Eyelash strips $17
Eyelash Double strip $28
Eyelash individual one size $35
Eyelash individual two size $40
Eyelash individual three size $45
Eyelash individual Customize $80
Extra: Remover eyelashes $30
Extra: Remove old eyelashes and cross new eyelashes $10
Classic full set $120
Volume full set $125 -$175 (up)
Hybrid full set $125 -$165 (up)
Wispy-kim-k -full set $135 -$175 (up)
Combo Eyebrow Wax & Tint and Curl Lashe & Tint ( Over 1hr) $105
Lash Bath (15min) $20
Touch Sup Fill (1Week) $50


When starting facial, we remove makeup, cleanse your face, remove dead skin, steam your face, use a vacuum cleaner, massage your face, apply the mask, massage your neck, shoulders, hands, hot towels, and skincare products. After all the treatments, your face will feel clean, soft, soothing, and shiny. This treatment helps reduce skin tension, mental stress so that you can relax and feel comfortable.
Deep cleaning of black and white acne is to reduce redness and shrinking pores. It helps brighten facial skin. reduce harmful any signs of sunlight. This treatment helps with dull skin, wrinkles, tiresome, and stress. It also helps maximizes sensitive skin, regenerates, and innovative structures to keep skin radiant from aging. For skin tightening, we use collagen supplements but also depending on your skin type and condition.
1/ MiNi Facial ( 40 min) $55

(Remove Skin, Clean, Scrub, Massage, mask, Hot Towel, Lotion)

2/ Facial Reflexology (30 min) $40

(Clean, Mask, Hot Towel, Lotion) orr (Clear, Lift Blackheads, Towel, Lotion)

3/ Classic Facial (60 mins ) $90

(Rmove, Skin, Clean, Scrub, Steam, Use Vacuum Massage, Mask, Hot Towel, Lotion)

4/ Ageloc Facial (60 mins ) $100

(Remove Skin, Clean, Scrub, Steam, AgeLOC, Mask, Hot Towel, Lotion)

5/ AgeLOC Facial Spa Skin Care ( 70 min) $150

(Remove, Skin, Clean, Scrub, Steam, use Vacuum, AgeLOC, Mask, Hot Towel, Skin Care)

6/ Skin Care To Provide Nutrition Superior Products (70 mins) $150

(Remove, Skin, Clean, Scrub, Steam, Use Vacuum, Massage, Mask, Hot Towel, Skin Care)

7/ Intensive Skin care Treatment Superior Products, Whitening, Sensitive, Antu-ageing (70 mins) $180
8/ Skin Care Of Acne (60 mins) $100
9/ Intensive Acne Skin Care ( 90 mins) $200
Extra : Serum Or Essence $10


All services are guarantee within 3 days from the date of service, after the third day, we will charge you for any changes. Please let one of our technicians know what you want done/change at the time of service so that we can make any changes, once you leave, we are not responsible.


Solar Set( Acrylic) $40 (up)
Solar White Tip Set or Color Tip $40 (up)
Solar Design Tip Set $55
Powder Color Set $45 (up)
Powder Color with Chrome $60 (up)
Powder Color Mood Change $55 (up)

 (Glow In The Dark) 

Powder Pink & White $55 (up)
Powder Ombre $55 (up)
Acrylic & Gel Shellac $55 (up)
Acrylic with Gel Shellac Latium, Chrome, Hologram, Mood Change,... $60 (up)
Acrylic Cat Eye, Ombre Gel $65 (up)
Hybrid Gel $55 (up)
Hybrid & Shellac $70 (up)
Dipping Powder or Color $45 (up)
Dipping Powder Mood Change $55 (up)
Glow In The Dark $55
Dipping Pink & White $60 (up)

(Sent with Gentle Effect)

Additional Services

Decorate nails Stickers or foil $40 (up) set
Nails Gel Art Design $45 (up)set
Polish Change Nail French Tip $20 (up)
Polish Change Hand $15
Polish Change Toe $15
Extra: Shape (Oval, Narrow, Coffin,...) $5
Additional Nail Sizes: Medium $5
Additional Nail Sizes: Long $10
Additional Nail Sizes: X-long $15
Additional Nail Sizes: XX-long $25
Additional Nail Sizes: XXX-long $30 (up)
Nails Take Off $15
Nails Take Off (Renewed) $10
Nails Cut Down $5
Cut Cuticles $10
Nails Repair $10 (up)
French Tip White / Color $5 (up)
Top Coat Gel $5
Design polish $15 /Set - $5/ 2 Fingers
Design gel polish $30 /Set - $8/ 2 Fingers
Covered with glitter nail decoration $50 (up)set
Nails Gel Art (V Line) $35 (up)set
Cover the nail decoration stone $20 (up) each
Design 3D $10 (up) each
Gel Shellac Change $25 (up)
Gel Shellac French Tip (Change) $32 (up)



Manicure $23
SPA Manicure $30
Spa Manicure with Gel Polish $35
Basic Gel Manicure $35
Deluxe Manicure $45
Luxury Manicure $60



Spa Pedicure + Callus Removal or Sea Salt $36
Deluxe Pedicure $50
Luxury Pedicure + 10mins Massage $70
4A. Super Deluxe Pedicure French Tip $75
Special Pedicure $115


Callus Removal/ Sea Salt/ Mask $8
Paraffin (Hot Wax)/ Hot Stones $15
Polish Change Hand $10 /Hand - $12/French Tip
Polish Change Nail $12 /Nail - $15/French Tip
Polish Change Toe $12 /Toe - $15/French Tip
Gel Polish Change Nail $25 /Nail - $30/French Tip
Gel Polish Change Toe $25 /Toe - $30/French Tip
Cut Cuticle Extra $10
Take Off Gel (Only) $10
Take Off Gel Renewed $10
Acrylic Toe $45 /Set - $8/Each
Acrylic Toe Refill $35 /Set - $5/Each
Designs Polish $15 (up)/Set - $7 (up)/2 Fingers
Designs Gel Polish $30 (up) - $10 (up)/2 Fingers

Kids Service

(6 Years Old & Under) - Children over 6 years old to 8 years old 30% On the price list.Over 8 years old to 10 years old 20%. Over 10 years old to 14years old 15%.Over 14 old to 18years old 10% on the price list
Manicure $10
Pedicure $20
Manicure & Pedicure $35
Polish Change (Hand) $7
Polish Change (Hand) French Tip $9
Polish Change (Toe) $8
Polish Change (Toe) French Tip $11
Nails Art Design (Set) $12 (up) - $3 (up) /2 Fingers

Permanent Makeup/ Tattoo

Shading Brows $400
Ombré powder $450
Micro blading $450
Micro strokes $600
Micro blading shading $450
Eye liner ( top lid) $300
Eyeliner ( bottom) $250
Lip tattoo tinted $500
Touch up: (after 4-8 weeks) $150
Touch up: (after 6-1 years) $250
Touch up: (after 1-2 years) $400
Correction $400 up